What Is It all about?

–It’s a World Holiday called “Kansha Jun 9th”

What do we do on that day?

–On that day, we make a special effort to show our appreciation and gratitude to one another.

For what?

–In order to sow the seed of joyful living to create a gratitude and happiness for whole human family.

–The theme of this project is the creation of various grassroots movements designed to encourage the whole human race to respect and appreciate each other and to promote a world of appreciation


–On Jun, 9th.

The number represents

Yin and Yang, Light and Shadow, Love and Hatred….

therefore our hope that on Jun 9th, these elements would come together in perfect harmony

Story of World Wide Kansha Day 

★5years ago,I started what I hope will became a world holiday called”Kansha June 9th” In Japanese “KANSHA”means”appreciation and gratitude”.When June 9th comes we make a special effort to show our appreciation and gratitude to one another in order to sow the seeds of joyful living and to create a cycle of gratitude and happiness for whole human family. It would be a day that people looked forward to with as much anticipation as other holidays like Christmas. It would be a celebratory atmosphere similar to a New Year’s party. It would be a day when, rather than critical, negative ran in the newspaper, positive articles about appreciation and gratitude appeared. It would be a collaboration of different festivals throughout the world. Artists create works based on the theme of Kansha, appreciation, and gratitude all around the world. The number 69 represents the yin and the yang, light and shadow, love and hatred and it is therefore our hope that on June 9 these elements would come together in perfect harmony. It is our hope that June 9th will be that kind of the day.

★Make June 9th, World-Wide Appreciation Day. Hold activities around the world designed to promote World Wide Appreciation movement. We are carrying out this project in the hope of creating a movement centered around the belief that appreciation should be shown, not out of obligation, but out of a genuine feeling of gratitude.

★For most of us, finding fault in others and treating people disrespectfully is all too easy. It is our wish to create an environment in which such negative energy is replaced with respect and appreciation for the good in all of us. We truly believe that the human race is capable of expressing far more appreciation than we have expressed up to this point.

★Real treasure is not found in a jewelry box or at the bottom of an oil well. It is found in our hearts, in our capacity to respect and appreciate the world around us. This power of appreciation is the true treasure. It is a treasure that transcends borders, ideology, and religion. No one is without it. Even those people who seem to lack the capacity are simply hiding it away. 

★Appreciation for those who came before us and created the wonderful world we live in today. Appreciation for other countries, and societies. Appreciation for all living things, and the planet earth. Once we actively cultivate our capacity for appreciation, there is no limit to the things we will find to appreciate in this wonderful world.